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Catastrophic Impairment Assessments

Catastrophic Assessments

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Providing the right CAT Assessments

A Catastrophic Impairment Assessment (CAT) is a term used to determine the severity of one's injuries, mostly in motor vehicle accident victims.

People with physical, neurological, mental, behavioral, vascular, visual, spinal cord or neurophysical disabilities as a result of motor vehicle trauma often need access to funding for their rehabilitation and care over their lifetime. For that matter, claimants with injuries meeting the Catastrophic Impairment definition requirements might have greater level of benefits for their medical and rehabilitation goods and services, as well as attendant care and case management (that could be up to the millions).

Thanks to CAT assessments, the claimant will see if they are entitled to catastrophic level of funding. The assessment basically evaluates the entire mental, physical and behavioral state to determine the condition of the patient and see if the injuries are affecting their lifestyle and ability to work.

CAT Assessments At Humber River Medical Diagnostics


At Humber River Medical Diagnostics, we take pride in offering various kinds of Catastrophic Impairment Assessments from the outset of the CAT entitlement process. Our activities begin with the development of the original CAT clinical guidelines in all spheres.

We combine a highly trained and experienced group of medical, psychological, occupational therapy and clinical support experts when it comes to CAT assessments in many disciplines, for both OCF 19 support and CAT IE rebuttal purposes.

We conduct catastrophic assessments in the following way:

  1. We are identifying the impairments as either physical, mental or behavioral

  2. We are choosing the appropriate specialist(s) for the case

  3. We are guiding on the principles and tables from the CMA guides

  4. We are providing a fair and objective specialists' opinion


Our capacity to provide comprehensive catastrophic impairment determinations through the multidisciplinary clinical teams has the required level of expertise to provide an expert opinion that stands up to scrutiny and challenge. The well-supported analysis and thorough approach has made our evaluations recognized by the courts and considered in many cases.

We understand all the details and nuances of the catastrophic criteria, stability requirements and case law issues in the process of CAT assessments. That is why with us, you can be assured that:

  • your best interests will always be considered

  • all of the appropriate assessments will be completed by knowledgeable and experienced assessors

  • our analysis and critique of completed evaluations counts all possibilities, scenarios and avenues relevant to your case

  • we work with full comprehensive evaluations to provide the necessary medical opinion and objective evidence in order to advance the claim in litigation

  • our critique and analysis is always details and counts all previous catastrophic opinions on file


In order to ensure an efficient and effective appointment, we advise all of our clients to prepare for their assessment and be aware that our physicians will be conducting an interview with them to get to know the extent of their injuries and better understand what happened from the accident.

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