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Independent Medical Examinations

Independent Medical Examination Toronto Ontario

Our Palette Of Independent Medical Examinations At Humber River Medical Diagnostics


Basically, we expedite the services of all specialists, from general physicians to psychologists, psychiatrists, orthopedic specialists, neurologists, chiropractors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and pain management specialists.

Our IMEs are easy to use and flexible to adapt to your workflow, delivering all the reports that you need at the time when you need them. Thanks to our experienced staff, we offer unparalleled service centers that review referred claims and select all the consulting physicians to evaluate the medical condition and address claim concerns.

Our approach with independent medical examinations is fair and objective to the records of the individual and his clinical records. Only this way, we maintain a standard that results in high-quality reports for all parties involved. Our IMEs come in all specialties across multiple lines of insurance, with access to local clinics and offices for IMES everywhere throughout the state.

The best care with the right experts

Also known as IME, independent medical examinations are designed so that they can determine the status of one's medical condition.


This type of examination is mostly regarding:

  • whether the worker's claim-related medical condition has reached the maximum medical improvement

  • whether any further treatment is necessary

  • whether there are work restrictions

  • whether there are any permanent impairment remains


Independent medical examinations (IMEs) can be requested by all labor and industries, self-insured employers and doctors in order to obtain the right information to close claims, segregate out medical conditions or end medical care.

An IME is generally administered when an employee is off work in a period that is greater than 12 weeks and there is a dispute in the recommended direction of rehabilitation. This is where our specialists at Humber River Medical Diagnostics help and offer an independent opinion that moves the process forward.

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Why Choose Our Independent Medical Examinations Service?

The most important thing you should know about the IMEs at Humber River Medical Diagnostics is that they are easy to use. This means that you are involved in a predictable service process that is seamlessly integrated with Case Management and tailored to your business model or workflow adaptability.

Some of our key features regarding IMEs include the objective and unbiased approach, the evidence-based IMEs and tightly managed network of certified doctors. That, paired with our exceptional customer service, makes us one of the best choices for many workers' comp payers.

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Local staff, certified doctors and an approach that is objective and fair to your situation are some of the reasons people choose our clinic on a regular basis.

If you are interested in an independent medical examination service that is easy to schedule and without any issues, you are welcome to contact us today and book your appointment!

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