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Medico Legal Reports

Medico Legal Reports

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Our Efficient Medico-Legal Reporting Can Save You Money...

At Humber River Medical Diagnostics, we pride ourselves on being among the leading providers of independent medical reports that are used to assist in the resolution of personal injury claims. In case you are not familiar with these reports, they are basically reports that deliver all the details of one's personal injury claims, including:

  • medical reporting

  • screening

  • rehabilitation and

  • diagnostic services


We are in close relation with the medico-legal industry in order to deliver the most efficient ways of managing and keeping up to date with the trends and standards in all of the mentioned aspects of personal injury claims.

Working directly with patients to provide the report, we are professionals when it comes to knowing the nature and purpose of the report as well as showing it like that on paper. We use advanced technology and all kinds of medical records to prepare the reports and instead of relying on memory, we actually observe, investigate and ask questions when forming it.

Another thing important mentioning are the formats for medico-legal reports that come in many shapes and sizes. From headings to numbers, credentials, paragraphs and names, there are many small details you should have in mind when writing each medico-legal report. Obviously, not to mention the medical facts that must be listed in chronological order, a field where our expertise can be seen at its best.

Medico-Legal Reports for Courts in Ontario


Medico-legal reports are the documentations that are giving evidence in court. Not everyone can write these reports and they play a crucial role about the patients for a large variety of purposes.

Since medico-legal reports are usually seen by diverse audiences, the reports may be used as evidence in court proceedings and subjected to close scrutiny. Hence, the value of medico-legal reports is nowadays big and all comprehensively written ones may minimize the chances of having to give evidence in court.

There are many different types of medico-legal reports, as they may be received from patients, solicitors, insurers, statutory authorities, employers, the police or a court. Even though there is no legal obligation for you to prepare a report when submitting (some statutory bodies do require it though), medico-legal reports definitely come handy when in court.

This is mostly due to the unbiased, fair and objective approach by doctors that are professionals and have ethical obligations to assist by providing factual information concerning a patient's condition or injury at the patient's request, to his legal advisers or with the patient's consent to other nominated third parties.

Contact Us Today For An Accurate Medico-Legal Report That Works In Your Favor

The key takeaway regarding medico-legal reports is for them to be accurate, comprehensive and timely as part of the GP's role. The purpose of the report must not be skipped and the confidential details must not be breached. Therefore, the best way to write your medico-legal reports is to consult with a professional.

At Humber River Medical Diagnostics, we specialize in accurate, comprehensive and timely medico-legal reports. Contact us today and book your appointment!

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