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Medical Legal Services

Medical Legal Services Toronto
Medical Legal Consultation in Toronto

Humber River Medical Diagnostics offers a wide range of services specific to the medical/legal community.  Our goal is to assist in the determination of how to proceed with a file from an assessment perspective. 

We provide complete and unbiased, evidence-based medical legal services and file reviews. Our medical experts are certified health care professionals that provide accurate, high-quality examinations and reports.  Our Medical-Legal Services are for personal injury lawyers, law firms and legal assistants, insurance adjusters to use.  

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Medical Legal File Reviews
File Reviews

Review of available medical records and medical legal assessments and preparing a summary of the information and recommendations as to how to proceed, regarding various types of assessments. Provision of a written summary/analysis of the file.

Medical File Management
File Management

Facilitation between legal community, health care providers, and the assessors in order to ensure that the patient/client is moved through the system in a collaborative and integrated manner and that information is available to all parties in a timely fashion. 

Med-Legal Consultation

Consult with our experts in the form of a meeting, responding to questions through our website, or teleconference to discuss the case file and provide a perspectives/insights as to what may be of assistance in moving the file forward through the legal process.

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